Pressure bubble tester

The TM Electronics TME Pressure Bubble Tester provides low pressure and controlled flow to apply to a pouch to meet the requirements of ASTM International F-2096 test method “Standard Test Method for Detecting Gross Leaks in Packaging by Internal Pressurization (Bubble Test)”. A low-pressure control range of 0 to 2 psig, with high flow capacity for porous material packages as well as non-porous pouches. A simple system of loading pouches, lowering and holding the pouch one (1”) inch under water to observe bubbles from a 250-micron hole as required by the ASTM test method is provided. Stable pressures with high flow capacity is designed to be delivered from a precision pressure regulator.

Application: Pharmaceutical and medical packaging

Caractéristique: Détection de fuites

When a pouch is placed under water in the chamber, a pressure is applied through the unique TME Probe and Package Port system. The pressure is applied to the porous barrier of the sealed package. Pressure and flow are adjusted with the controls to minimize random bubbles from the porous barrier. The ASTM F-2096 requirement to detect 250-micron holes or less can be detected visually.

Open screen retainer is locked in position with toggle handles to retain the pouch under water. The open screen retainer permits high visibility for detection of surface bubbles arising from package surface defects.

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