Ink Rub Tester - Sutherland® methode

To determine the ink abrasion resistance and dirtiness characteristics on different supports (paper, cardboard, ceramic, etc.)

The test consists in rubbing a sample against a defined weight (2 lb or 4 lb) at different speeds. After ending the test, the results will be visually observed.

The equipment presents four different speeds :

  • 21 cycles/minute. Half the speed of the old Ink Rub Testers.
    This speed facilitates the wet tests and tests under 5 cycles.
  • 42 cycles/minute and 85 cycles/minute. Same speeds as in the old Ink Rub Testers.
  • 106 cycles/minute. Fast speed.

This new speed characteristics allow users to adequate the test process to their own products. The highest speed will reduce test times, necessary for some substrate types (plastics, UV varnishes, printed films, etc.).

The equipment incorporates a touch panel, from which the test speed and cycles are controlled.

Optionally, the equipment can be supplied with heating weights (2 lb and 4 lb) with a work temperature up to 200 ºC. This option is useful when needed a faster test process (for high resistance inks and varnishes).

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