Steinfurth Compact Package Analyser (CPA)

Carbon dioxide, opening torque, brix and fill level are parameters that significantly affect the product quality of beverages recognized by the consumer. A continuous monitoring of these is therefore essential to ensure a constant and repeatable quality of bottled products. The Steinfurth Compact Package Analyzer (CPA) as a Mini-Lab concept optimizes dramatically the workflow in the modern quality control (replacing or extending the

so far mostly decentralized and inefficient monitoring of these parameters).
The heart of the Steinfurth CPA concept is the “Master”, an instrument which acts as the control center for all other devices linked with it (“Slaves”). The “Slaves” which can also be existing devices from other manufacturers need as their only requirement a serial data interface.
Global sample and procedure adjustments for the complete Mini-Lab can be executed via the control panel of the CPA Master module. This can be done automatically via barcode scanner, or manually via the integrated touch screen. Subsequently the measurement results of all linked devices are collected and stored on the hard drive of the Master. A central transfer of the measurement data is enabled at any time (via Ethernet interface directly into a PC network). The CPA concept develops its maximal benefits with outsourcing of the quality control test operations to the production line. Especially Steinfurth instruments integrated to the at the line operated Mini-Lab convince with their robust construction and automatic, extremely easy and user independent operation.

Application: Boissons, Détermination de CO2, Torque

Caractéristique: Mesure de couple - Force d'ouverture

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  • Industry: Beverages, Packaging Industry
  • Employment: Quality Control
  • Measurement Categories: Brix, CO2, Density, Pressure, Weight, Temperature, Volume via Weight, Torque
  • Specifics: Quality control
  • System: Yes
  • Automation Level: Fully Automatic Machine

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