Using Accelerated Washfastness Instruments in testing for Microfiber Release

Microfiber release, also known as shedding, in home laundering has become a buzzword topic in the textiles industry with an ongoing goal to combat aquatic pollution. While originally thought to only be an issue for man-made fibers, natural fiber contamination that make it through the reclamation process used by most water reclamation plants has also been found in the marine life cycle.

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AATCC’s RA100 was the first to publish a standard to capture an understanding of this issue with the release of TM212 in 2021. Using accelerated washfastness instruments, originally developed by SDL Atlas for TM61, AATCC has effectively taken a step to help reduce textile pollution in the world’s water sources. ISO TC38 is working on a similar standard that will also use the accelerated washfastness instruments detailed in ISO 105-C06.