Support d'échantillons

Specimen Holder, E100-125

Standard; provided with all instruments, used to test most rigid or flexible specimens (includes E100-101).

Specimen Holder, E100-10

Transparent; enables textile specimens to be viewed against a light.

Specimen Holder, E140-14

Ring Clamp; eight screws spaced evenly on a clamp plate to test slightly warped specimens.

Specimen Holder, E140-15

Textile, Tensioning; incorporates a raised wear track to provide extra tensioning to the material.

Specimen Holder, E140-18

Textile, Rimmed; provides an initial stretch to woven fabrics, minimizing the tendency to wrinkle if tested wet.

Specimen Holder, E140-19

Drive-Pin Type; used for rigid, square specimens without the need for a center hole.

Specimen Holder, E140-21

NEMA Threaded Ring; incorporates a clamp plate and flanged clamp ring to test slightly warped specimens, ring is threaded to the body of the holder.

Specimen Holder, E140-75

Rimmed; a raised rim retains liquids allowing you to determine the effect of absorbed or surface moisture on abrasion resistance.

Specimen Holder, E3945

Multiple; holder permits simultaneous testing of lightweight, flexible specimens.