Etalonnage abrasimètre

The Taber® Rotary Platform Abraser (Abrader) is a precision instrument that must be calibrated by an authorized Taber Calibration Center on a regular basis. The frequency of this calibration should be based on instrument usage, experience, and good laboratory practice and become incorporated into your company's quality procedures.

To generate useful data, it is critical that the Taber Abraser is within established calibration tolerances. The Calibration Verification Kit provides afast, reliable system check to verify if a Taber Rotary Platform Abraser is within calibration. When properly used, this cost effective method enables users to determine if an instrument should be returned to the factory for recalibration or repair prior to it’s scheduled calibration.

Calibration Verification Kit

While not intended as a substitute for regular instrument calibration, this reliable system check is useful to identify potential concerns and will signify if an instrument should be returned for recalibration or repair prior to its scheduled calibration.

The kit includes instructions to perform inspections critical to the performance of the instrument, and allows the operator to monitor the following vital parameters:

  • Proper wheel alignment
  • Proper wheel tracking
  • Irregular bearing wear
  • Vacuum suction force

Wheel Tracking Cards, S-45

Replacement wheel tracking cards are used with the Calibration Verification Kit to evaluate the tracking pattern of the wheels.