Somerville classifier - Shive content analyser

The Somerville classifier is used to determine shives/chips and impurities (stickies) in paste/paper pulp. Firstly, it was designed to determine the shives/chips of the paste after its cooking, nowadays it is more commonly used for the classification of stickies. Classification system by vibration by an eccentric movement of a standardized grid according to the type of test to be performed.

  • Control box prepared for wall fastening
  • Calibrated ring nozzle (works with 8.6 l/min at a pressure of 123.6 kPa)
  • Sturdy construction made of corrosion-resistant materials only
  • All parts in contact with water are made of non-corrosive material
  • Somerville unit is mounted on a stand and a control box is prepared for wall fastening
  • Drive motor protection class IP55 built into the stand,drives the slot screen via an excentric mechanism at approx. 690 - 700 U/min
  • Control (start/stop/water), timer for 20 min sieving time (motor and water) and thermal overload protection built in electric control unit (IP65)
  • Air pistol delivered complete with tube and self-sealing coupling for cleaning the slot plate and water box
  • Will be delivered ready for use

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