Package Seal Strength Fixture

The Package Seal Strength Fixture is designed to use a vacuum powered clamping system to hold unique samples to test the seal strength for a variety of applications:

  • Cup Peel
  • Tray Peel
  • Lid Removal
  • Seal Removal
  • Seal Strength

This simulates how a consumer would use the product in real-world applications for sealed products like a yogurt cup, single serve food tray, or a medicine cup.

Application: Peel fixtures

Caractéristique: Résistance de scellages

The package seal strength fixture would secure the sample in place with a vacuum powered seal and an upper grip would clamp the seal to run the test. This cup seal strength fixture can be adjusted to run at various angles - most commonly 45 degree or 90 degree angles. This is an easy turn of a handle to move with the angles etched on the fixture to ensure you can make a quick change.

The fixture is designed for use with the Vantage NX Universal Testing Machine and the vacuum clamp would be custom fit to work with any tray, cup or bowl application. The fixture allows for the package seal to be completely removed with data for the entire seal not just a small portion of the peel test. MAP4 Software will capture the the realtime data which can be used to evaluate the seal strength. This can be critical to evaluate the consistency and conformity of the entire length of the seal which meets ASTM F2824*. The fixture can be adapted to test peel/seal strength of lids and films from cups and trays which is ideal for the food and medical packaging industries.

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